Wednesday, November 21, 2012

By George I Think She's Got IT!

Well at least I got something tonight.  It's 2:31 a.m. and I am figuring out something with my Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 that previously has been giving me trouble and causing much stress since I need to figure it out so I can make the Christmas presents for my kids.  The grandkids have been helping me and without them the presents would be not presents at all, totally unfinished...and really totally without ideas for presents.  This year the presents for my children are planned to be a large series of portraits that the grandchildren and I have made without their parent's knowledge...well they know that I took pictures but they don't know there is a project in the works.  So tonight I learned how to extract one of the lovely faces of my grandchildren from one photo and make it all ready to move into another picture so I can make digital scrapbooks for their parents.  Still have some bugs to work out as I figure out how to work some things on the program as well as figure out where part of this program is since I paid for the full program, I should have it all.  But it appears I am missing the Project Creator that is part of the program.  I certainly hope I don't have to buy that separately.  If so, I will need to do this all on my own and will take longer.  So now it becomes a fun time of using many of the graphic designs I made as scrapbook pages while extracting t of their original photos to place them onto the new scrapbook pages.  Then I have to learn how to tie the book pages all together to make the actual digital book.  And hopefully it can also be printed so that they can see it held in their hands.  But that will be at their expense.  I'll be giving them the CD.  They can go from there with what they want to do with the regular photos as well as the scrapbooks.  I have just a month to learn how to do all this, do it well, and get it completed to be ready and wrapped for Christmas Eve.  Wish me luck.  I just overcame my biggest hurdle tonight, so it shouldn't be bad from here on in.  At least not until I am ready to tie the project together and finish it.

I will do my best to keep up here with the details of my progress while I make these digital scrapbooks.  Pretty ambitious of me to have my very first digital scrapbooks become gifts for family members.  Hopefully they will like them. (I won't be able to show the finished pages here because of their requests of which I am in agreement to keep their children's photos and names off the internet unless it is a locked page that is for family and friends only.)  But I will write about the steps taken and what I have learned with each step.  For now, my sleeping medication and my pain medication is doing their proper job on me so I best stop typing now before you can't read anything I type. 

~~Happy Thanksgiving One and All~~

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gourds of Autumn

The other day I got the opportunity to take some photos of a bunch of large gourds.  Such pretty fall colors.  To see what these gourds became as graphic designs, visit this page of the second blog.