Capirani Graphics 3

Just like on the previous page with the photos of the overstuffed car trunk, these graphics came from a single photo of all the things piled on my lap in the front seat of the car on that same trip.  A photo that otherwise was just a bad photo of a good memory turned into something a lot more.

I honestly do not remember what I made the graphics below out of.  This is just another sign that I am enjoying making these too much and worked too late into the night to even remember what I was using.  It may come back to me eventually. 

The next two show up rather dark, but could be used dramatically as fabric, or paper for various purposes.  Personally, I think they would make very nice tote bag designs or even dresses.

Whether it's a single weed or the house next door, interesting results can be created using various plugins for Corel PaintShop PhotoPro X3.  The graphics below are just a few examples.

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