Capirani Graphics 2

On this page are playful edits that I ended up being very pleased with.  There is a little bit of everything here.  As much as I love the photography itself, the graphic design is becoming a huge part of my art work.  Some of it even takes my breath away.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

These two look similar but if you look closer you can tell they are different.
Which one do you like better?

It's amazing at times to see what different photos will make.  The graphics below, for example, were made out of some leaves, berries, flowers, and wild nuts gathered in the woods by my grandson.

These graphics below came from a grouping of homemade cookie frosting that were sitting on my coffee table during a Christmas cookie-making party I had for my grandchildren a few years ago.

The blue graphics above were from a bad photo of my little flowerbed that is surrounded by railroad ties.  The blues come from the ties and the brown is the dirt.  Due to the drought this year, the flowers never really did much growing.

The graphics below are a continuation of those made from the grouping of leaves, flowers, berries, and wild nuts mentioned above.

Weeds become emeralds.

More weed photos turned into graphic design. (I honestly do not remember what I made the silvery star out of above.)

As you can see, a simple photo of maple leaves turned into several types of designs above and below.

I'm not sure you will guess what these graphics below came from so I will give you a hint.  Okay, I will just tell you.  These are from a photo of I took looking straight up into a fire escape from the alley below.

Do you think that stupid touristy photo you took of how full your trunk of your car was before you left for vacation was something to throw away?  Think again.  The colors of the items in the overstuffed car trunk turned into these pretty graphics.

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