Introducing a brand new area of design for Capirani Photography.  This has been a growing interest for me as I have learned more and more about the areas of manufacturing and production that use patterns.  That could include everything from wallpaper and upholstery, fabric for clothing, scrapbook paper, flooring, stationery, and much more.  If your company produces anything that requires pattern design, you can find brand new and interesting patterns right here, created by yours truly.  At the present moment, after taking the time to start this new endeavor, I have created over 400 different and unique patterns, all created from the pallet of colors given to me mostly by nature, but also in everyday ordinary things.  Due to the sheer number of the patterns, I will only be posting a few of them here.  All of them will be available for browsing in my Flickr PATTERNS album.

For pricing, please contact me via my email account.

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