Land, Water, & Sky

Many of the photos you find on this page were taken either from the Port Clinton, OH area of Lake Erie, or from Southeastern Ohio in Guernsey County at Salt Fork State Park.  (No I never saw Bigfoot otherwise known as the Ohio Grassman.)  You will find photos here of Marblehead Lighthouse at Marblehead, OH, Lake Erie scenes taken from shore and from a boat, as well as highway, forest and lake scenes taken from various vantage points at Salt Fork, OH.


Taxilady said...

Nice Pictures. Just wondering if there would be a way to put information about each picture beside the picture.

capirani said...

Thanks Taxilady. This blog is my professional portfolio which is for showing those businesses that I hope to sell or license my photos to. From everything I am learning about it, I am not sure that putting photo descriptions along with the photos would be professional for this case. I have thought though that I need some type of numbering system.