Sunday, February 10, 2013

The past two months I've been working with still life photography.  This is an area I have not done much with largely because I never really thought I had the talent to set up the "stage" of what I wanted to photograph.  However I had to try it because this month's photo competition at our monthly Camera Club meeting is on still life.  Most of what I have accomplished has been in the past two weeks although I started trying my hand at this genre around Thanksgiving.  In the last two weeks my daughter, who is also in Camera Club, and who has taken a college Photography course, inspired me with ideas of her own that I ended up playing around with myself.  Those ideas graduated to even more ideas of my own and the following shots are the results.  Some I have entered into the club competition and others I haven't.  I'll let you know what happens at Camera Club later on next week after the meeting.  In the meantime, here is what I came up with so far.  What I thought I would not like and had no talent for, maybe with the right push and inspiration, I have more here than I thought originally.

I'm looking forward to trying more still life in the future.  However so far it is like writing poetry for me.  I have to get an inspiration first.  This just doesn't happen easily for me.  But now that the spark has been lit, maybe the fire will continue to burn in me and there will be more still life photos to come.