Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Capirani Photography Portfolio

This is it.  Tomorrow is just the beginning.  Officially re-launching this blog is just one stepping stone to getting where I want to go with photography.  There are so many options and so many possibilities.  I have so much to learn yet about this craft.  I am so thankful for tools such as Photographers' Market as well as other resources available on the internet.  Digital photography makes it much so much easier, at least for me, then it used to be when the markets required slides to be sent to them for consideration of publication.  Email makes contact so much easier.  Online portfolios, websites, and blogs make showing what an artist can do, whether it is photography, painting, music, writing, etc., easier as well.  

The photos you will find on this "home" page are from older stock and really show what I have learned over the years.  Many of the photos earlier on this page were scanned from old prints I took with my Canon AE1 35mm camera.  The photos that are on the inside pages of this blog, however come from various cameras including the Canon AE1 as well as my Kodak Z885 point and shoot, and even my phone, which surprises me sometimes as it takes some shots that are often better than the Kodak, especially outdoor night shots.

The graphics you will find here on this blog have been created using my own photographs and Corel PSPhotoProX3.  I have to admit that the graphics are something new for me.  In the past I have used Paint Shop Pro (older versions) to create graphics just using the painting options in the program.  The graphics here on this blog are from my first experiments using regular photographs, usually the reject photos that I would normally send to the recycle bin, but also some of the nicer shots as well.  I am finding that I enjoy looking for anything now that offers interesting color combinations whether it be from nature or man-made just so I can photograph it and experiment with it in PSPhotoProX3.  The results have amazed me and I realized that I could be creating graphics that can be used in a multitude of ways including but not limited to scrapbook design.  I really do not know what these graphics might end up being used for.  What I do know is that I enjoy the creation of the designs and the experimentation with this software.

I hope you enjoy what I have here for you to look at.  If you are interested in any of my photos or designs, please email me at capirani@aim.com 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Capirani Photography is Blooming!

You may be noticing some changes going on with this blog.  Well that's because I'm expanding the site and turning it into more than just a hobby where I play around with the camera.  I've always wanted to try to see if I have what it takes to become a professional photographer/artist.  My art uses cameras and computer programs.  Some of it may be traditional but a lot that you see here will be off the beaten path. 

You will find here not only the usual type of landscape and nature photos that I love so much, but also various forms of graphic art created with the photos that just did not make the cut.  Instead of just deleting them, I decided to play around with the editing programs I have to see what I can create.  By doing so, I think you will find here some very interesting artwork.  The uses for this artwork--well, that is left up to the viewer and hopefully, eventually, the client who buys what I create.  Some of it may work well for backgrounds for family websites and blogs.  Others might be perfect for scrapbook pages.  You decide.  

While you look over the new sections of this website, please excuse the inconvenience of the remodeling.  New things are arriving and old things are leaving the site.  Hopefully once I have this set up the way I want it, the hobbyist will have become the professional.

Monday, July 23, 2012

More New Graphics With PSPhotoProX3

This past weekend I worked on my PSPhotoProX3 to see what could be done with reject photos.  You know the kind, too blurred to know what is in them, or just too blurred to be good.  Then when I found out how cool those photos turned out with the editing, I decided to try some that were decent enough photos but that weren't usable for anything but memories.

Photos that are so blurry that you can't tell what is in them make very interesting graphics and you can use different effects on those than you can on photos that have clear objects in them.  All in all, learning how to work with this editor is fun and producing some pretty cool results.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Capirani Photography is Coming Alive

I just bought my first Photographer's Market in several years.  I managed to find the 2012 version for Kindle books on Amazon for less than $10 which is great.  So, I've been reading that the past few days, working on organizing my photos from the past couple years, as well as looking at them all more closely to see what really is good, what isn't so good, and even deleting those that are not really anything but wasted computer space.  Next will be organizing the pictures of the family, kids, grandkids, etc.  I won't be doing anything with them professionally but maybe for gifts, etc.  At any rate it will help me with finding photos I want at particular times. 

I really really need to learn how to use all the features of my Corel Paint Shop Photo ProX3.  I don't even understand some of the terminology of the program, let alone know how to do different things with it.  Yes there are some things I have figured out, such as what you see in previous posts here, but I know there is so much more that can be done.  So that is in my short term goals as well.  Another thing I have been doing is updating my watermarks with the copyright symbol and year. 

The one thing I really want people to understand from here on out is that photography is not just a fun hobby for me.  I want it to be my occupation as well as a passion.  Hopefully in time I can become self-supporting as a photographer.  But if not, I don't want to look back on my life and regret never having tried.