Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Capirani Photography is Blooming!

You may be noticing some changes going on with this blog.  Well that's because I'm expanding the site and turning it into more than just a hobby where I play around with the camera.  I've always wanted to try to see if I have what it takes to become a professional photographer/artist.  My art uses cameras and computer programs.  Some of it may be traditional but a lot that you see here will be off the beaten path. 

You will find here not only the usual type of landscape and nature photos that I love so much, but also various forms of graphic art created with the photos that just did not make the cut.  Instead of just deleting them, I decided to play around with the editing programs I have to see what I can create.  By doing so, I think you will find here some very interesting artwork.  The uses for this artwork--well, that is left up to the viewer and hopefully, eventually, the client who buys what I create.  Some of it may work well for backgrounds for family websites and blogs.  Others might be perfect for scrapbook pages.  You decide.  

While you look over the new sections of this website, please excuse the inconvenience of the remodeling.  New things are arriving and old things are leaving the site.  Hopefully once I have this set up the way I want it, the hobbyist will have become the professional.

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