Capirani Graphics

Whether you are looking for scrapbooking paper or backgrounds for your blog, you will find some pretty interesting designs here. You might even find designs for dinnerware or gift wrapping paper here.  Or it could be that you are looking for something abstract to hang on your wall.  Whatever your preference, there are some interesting graphic designs here.  All of the designs on this tab were made from existing photographs rather than from color mixing in the paint pallet.  It is amazing what you can do with photographs and discarding the blurred images or overall bad photos.  Once I have begun experimenting with graphic designs, I have become at least slightly addicted.  

The most interesting things can become fascinating graphics.  In the photos above you have seen what can be done with photos of leaves, nuts and berries, picnic tables, garage sidings and weeds, and even the hair on my head.  Below you will find graphics of blurred photos of all kinds as well as photos that normally would find their way into the recycle bin before I found out what could be done with them.

A blurred photo of a Christmas tree became these purple graphics right above and below here.  This one directly below really surprised me.  A blurred Christmas tree became a purple stained glass cathedral.

If you look closely at some of these photos you can even see the tell tale signs that they were real photos before they became graphic designs.  For instance on some you can still see the flower petals or leaves from the trees and shrubs.  On others you can see writing from signs that were in the original photos and rain drops on a blue car from another photo.  How the graphics programs decide which objects will be obvious parts of the final design is beyond my computer programming intelligence.  But the results are what keeps me creating.


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