Friday, May 16, 2008

Venice Beach and High In The Sky

These pictures were scenes from Venice Beach, California. I spent six days in North Hollywood between Christmas and New Years Day and didn't get to do very much the entire time. Finally we got to go to the beach. These are some of the better pictures I took. All pictures were taken with my Canon AE1 and the zoom lens.

The following photos were taken from my airplane window as I was leaving LAX in Los Angeles after the one and only "vacation" I ever went on. I don't really consider it a vacation, because it wasn't that kind of trip. Anyway, I had never flown before this trip. Going out to Los Angeles I traveled overnight so I couldn't take any pictures. Plus I was pretty airsick. I didn't get airsick after that initial trip. These pictures are all either of the California coastline and the Pacific Ocean, or they are of flying above the clouds. I thought that the clouds when seen from above instead of from below like we are all used to, were fascinating. Sometimes they looked like you could actually walk on them. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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