Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tips and Tutorials for Making Money With Photography

Photography for me is fun.  It's always been fun.  But I also want to make money with my photography.  Today I found a very interesting article from the Digital Photography School website about different fun ideas for making a little extra money with photography.  The article focused mostly on selling your work locally.  Once I read that article, I decided to find other articles on this subject, especially of selling locally, but maybe also selling in other fun ways.  What follows is a listing of the results of my search.  Note that not all of these have anything to do with selling locally, however, each one may offer ideas that you may want to follow up on.

12 Places to Sell Your Photography

So You Want to Sell Your Photography

Top 10 Ways to Sell Your Art and Photography

Sell Your Digital Photos as Postcards and Greeting Cards

10 Legitimate Ways for Artists to Sell Art

 50 Marketing Tips for Photographers

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