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How Do You Want To Display Your Photos?

After The Editing Is Finished

this lens' photo
Your photos are beautiful, the editing complete. Now what? Will you offer your photos for sale in galleries or stock photography sites? Or will you try to sell in magazines? Maybe selling them yourself through your own website. How do you get to that point?

Let's start at the beginning. You've got a photo you want enlarged. First you will need to decide what size and what dimensions you want your photo enlarged to. Is it square? Rectangular? Panorama? Do you want it enlarged for a wall hanging over the fireplace or behind the sofa? Or will it be added to a grouping of photos? So once you have some ideas of what you want, you need to find out how you will get it enlarged. Will you take it somewhere locally or somewhere online? Finding just the right place to enlarge your photos can be frustrating. You want the best quality you can get for your cost, especially if you are selling the photos.

After you have decided the size and dimensions of the final photo project, the next question is whether or not to have it put on paper, canvas, or faux canvas. If you are not looking at selling the photos to hang on the wall, there are other options available as well if you want to do this yourself. You can have photos put on mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, calendars, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and more.

You might not even be interested in selling the photo yourself. Maybe you prefer to try to sell your work to magazines, greeting card companies, or puzzle companies, etc. For this, the best way to get started would be to purchase the current annual edition of Photographer's Market which is a book that lists all the participating magazines and businesses that purchase photographs.

Whatever you hope to do with your photos, learning what is out there to help you is an important step along the way. As I write this, I am learning too.

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Guides To Enlarging Photos

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Framing Your Photo

Another big decision you will make is about the framing of your photo. First off, do you even want to frame it, or do you want to display it on stretched canvas or faux canvas without a frame? Will you have the frame custom made or pre-made? Will you use a mat around the photo with a larger frame, or no mat and frame to fit the photo? Decisions, decisions. Then you go and add to this the cost involved. Who are you having this framed for? Is it a gift, or have you sold the photo and need to include a frame in the sale? Are you displaying the photo in a gallery where you need to follow prescribed regulations for framing? Hopefully, the links below will give you a better idea of how to answer your framing questions.
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