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What Is Still Life Photography?

 What Is Still Life Photography?

Still life, whether done by a painter or photographer, basically is just pictures of fruit like in this photo, isn't it? Even this online dictionary says that still life is: "a representation chiefly of inanimate objects, as a painting of a bowl of fruit." But it also says: "the category of subject matter in which inanimate objects are represented, as in painting or photography." Still life refers to basically any inanimate object or objects placed in such a way as to represent art in the eye of the painter or photographer (or those who purchase such artwork). Still life can also be inanimate objects in natural settings.

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If you are looking for traditional still life photography, you will still find it. However, you will also find some very interesting types of still life photography emerging into the art world. Some of this new art is created to be humorous. Other types are created to make a statement. Of course there is always the still life that is created for the beauty.
Creativity is left to the imagination of the artist. What I would like to show you through this article are some of the various types of still life photography that I have found in my wanderings online.
The photo here is an example of more modern still life using shoes and shoe laces to make a statement as well as just be fun.
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Creating Your Own Still Life Photo Art

How do I make my own photo studio in my own home? I am on a very limited budget for this kind of activity so learning how to do things on my own as inexpensively as possible is important to me. One of the things I have learned is that many of the things I might need can be built cheaply and I can do it myself. For more information you can check YouTube for videos on how to set up your own home studio. Maybe it's just a simple light box that you need. Making my own light box will be my next project as I learn how to improve my still life photography. But for my own purposes, first I am going to need to learn more about layout. I love looking at the various photographs I can find online just for inspiration and ideas. Object layout creativity is something I am finding myself lacking. 
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YouTube Videos To Help You

There are many more videos available on YouTube to help you figure out how to make exactly what you are looking for to build your own still life photography studio.

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