Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Lovely Peony

This weekend is our local Peony Festival, and our local Camera Club photography theme this month is "Flowers." Having only one type of peony growing in the yard here at home, I decided to take some photos and continue experimenting with the extension tubes. All in all, I did three different distances, although I cannot tell you exactly which length of the extension tubes I used for one set of photos. I did learn that my set of three extension tubes actually contain five extensions. For the photos shown below, I used the kit lens alone for some, all five extension tubes at once for some, and only two or three extension tubes for the others. The reason I don't know which tubes I used is because I really didn't think to check first, and because that was before I realized there were five instead of three tubes. Overall, I think the results were great. Some of the photos were done after misting the flowers with water, while the rest were done prior to misting.

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