Friday, June 20, 2014

The World of Abstract Photography

My work has a name and I didn't even know it!!!

Click HERE for more information about abstract photography.

I feel invigorated today because what I enjoy most in photography and can do easiest from home finally has a name.  While I enjoy abstract painting, it never even occurred to me that there is an art form called abstract photography until today!  A friend mentioned something I did a few weeks ago as being abstract, but even then it just did not click.  That is until today.  So this has been my focus all morning.

Previously I have battled in my mind about what to call my work.  I have been calling it graphic design, although, I suppose that technically it does not belong in that category since it isn't done like what most people consider to be graphic design.  That name just did not even "feel" right when I used it.  While this all makes me feel quite stupid, realizing that I do have a legitimate niche in the photography world makes up for that.  In addition to this, having a name for what I do opens the door to finding out how to actually maybe making a real living with what I do.  Or at least to be able to provide for more gear.

As I have been searching online for more and more information and examples of abstract photography, I came across this tutorial series for creating abstract photographs.  Although I have already blogged about this topic, (the link at the beginning of this post has several good articles I found earlier today) when I found this tutorial, I had to share.

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