Thursday, April 24, 2008


Finally a start at the photos I promised. Took me long enough to get started with the scanning. You really should see the amount of photos I have been going through the past couple of weeks. Sorting out the ones I want to scan and get put here has been fun, but getting to the scanning has been another story.
All of the pictures below were taken in Central Michigan from 1992-1993 using my Canon AE1 camera. I also used my zoom/macro lens for most of my photos with this camera.
I hope you enjoy them.

The buds above and the daffodils below were taken in my yard.

These lake pictures were taken at Tamarac Lake. The ducks were always available for viewing.

The following photos were taken at the Muskegon River near a little town called Rodgers, Michigan. This town isn't much more than a few homes and a couple of stores. If you blink as you drive past, you won't even notice it. We found this pretty spot one day and let the kids go swimming in the river. It was the first time they had ever swam in a river and they said it was really cold. But they had fun. While they swam, I had fun taking pictures.

These last two were two of my favorite photos.
Both still at the river.

Michigan has such beautiful landscape. Sometime I hope to get back up there just for a photo/road trip. For now, I have my pictures.


capirani said...

I just realized my daffodil picture is upside down. Did anyone else notice it? Ahhh, but there is still another photo up in the group of flowers section that is definitely not going the right direction. Can you find it?

Eileen said...

Hello I am the one who has moved from Michigan to Florida. I was re-looking at your pictures of flowers and so enjoy them. Can you help me I am trying to locate I thought it was on your blog, it was a craft idea. I can't remember what it was but I really liked the idea and wanted to use for a craft idea for my grandsons this summer. Can you help me? Thanks

capirani said...

I don't think it was on this blog since I don't have any craft ideas on here. If you looked at one of my other blogs, perhaps myspace, I have one craft idea there...a car seat cover for babies and toddlers that I crocheted. If it isn't that, I don't know what it would be.