Thursday, April 3, 2008

Video Uploading

Well, the closest thing I have to a solution, even though it is just temporary and not even a great solution, is to use Photobucket to upload my videos. Without a paid membership I have limits as to the size of the videos I can upload. Even with paid membership, I have a limit, although it is a bit larger. At least I can share most of my videos with the people I want to share them with for now.
Uploading to Photobucket takes a lot of time...on DSL...even a video of just a few seconds takes several minutes to upload. The free membership allows up to 100MB or 5 minute videos to be uploaded. I had several that were 70 or 80 or 90 MB, and they took up to half an hour to upload for each one. The ones that I did not upload due to length probably would have taken an hour each.
I did find that I could download from Photobucket to Real Player. The videos were converted on Photobucket to .flv files. I could not burn the videos from Real Player to CD, however, which disappointed me. All I want to do with these videos is to be able to burn them with full video and audio to CD or DVD so that I can give them to their parents, grandparents, etc. and have them be able to watch the videos on their own computers. But when I tried to burn them from Real Player I got an error message saying that the CD I was using was "read only", which is the same message I got when I tried to burn the original .mov videos.

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