Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sorting Photos

Oh my goodness! I have a ton of photos that I have been going through this weekend. I even have a bit of a stack sitting here next to my mouse ready to be scanned this week so I can use them on here and other places. My daughter got me 3 photo storage boxes and I started the job yesterday and worked at it almost all day until just before I went to bed at 1:30 this morning! All three boxes are just about as full as you can get them and I have more to sort yet. That is, just tossing the pictures into the boxes haphazardly without any bit of organization. All I have done so far is select an almost random date to start with which is 1977. The reason I selected that date is because that was when I left home for college and lived away from home for the first real time in my life. So, I have one box of all the photos, no matter what they are, from pre-1977. Then I have a box of all family and I and the homes we lived in after 1977, which in this box I included all extended family as well. The third box is everything else which includes friends, landscapes, nature, hot air balloons, all our pets, and much more. The next step I suppose is to figure out how to sort each box individually, and see if they will actually fit once they are standing up. Only one of the boxes has any kind of dividers. The other two don't so if I want them I will have to see if I can buy them somewhere, or else I will have to make them myself. My living room around my chair is a real mess. All the negatives are still in the packets they came in so I can hopefully find it easier to identify them. I am not sure at all how to deal with the negatives and get them safely organized and stored. Right now all those packets and some loose negatives are lying in a sloppy pile on the floor beside the photo box. I am looking forward to getting this project finished so I can get my room cleaned up again. I am also looking forward to getting some of my favorite photos onto this blog.
After I had been going through the pictures for awhile, I decided I should start doing some scrapbooking...just because I know I could do at least a page or two focused on my different hair styles and colors through the years! Oh what a funny site some of those were to see again! Of course, I could actually do something like that with all the pictures of my family members...just watching the changes...especially of the kids. Well, that might just be another project down the road a ways. Too much to do right now with just organizing these photos first.

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