Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baiting and Shooting

My bird feeder is in my front yard very closely centered between my small front porch and the sidewalk and street.  Being that my porch is so small there is not even room to place a chair to sit on so when Jonah and I go outside during the day, I sit on the steps.  This puts me even closer to the bird feeder, yet sometimes the sparrows don't seem to mind our presence if we sit still and don't move a lot.  Most of my bird photos are taken from that vantage point.  However, to capture the very stubborn cardinal, or to get good closeups of the squirrels in the yard sometimes takes a little more planning.  While I do have some good squirrel shots from my place on the porch steps, some of the photos of the squirrels as well as the birds are from inside my front door.  Of course the problem with that is having to shoot through the screen in the door.  The photos tend to be fuzzy.  I have also taken quite a lot of photos through the screen door using my Canon AE1 35mm camera but as yet have not gotten the film developed.  The zoom lens on the Canon gets me much closer to the birds and squirrels than my Kodak Z885 point and shoot digital camera.  

Today I had to try an experiment.  I decided to place some loose birdseed in areas that would draw the birds and squirrels closer to the porch while I stayed inside the house watching from the door where they would not see me so readily.  This experiment is going to have to be extended.  Weather prevented me from keeping the bait sitting out the entire time and even then it seemed to take most of the day just for the birds to find out that the bait was there.  They never did find the little flowerpot tray with the birdseed in.  As far as I know the squirrels never found the bait on the steps, however they did move in for some of the other closer shots.  You can see what happened below.

 Oh well, tomorrow's another day...

Other shots I was able to take today are included in the animals page on this blog.  I finally did succeed in capturing that stubborn camera-shy cardinal too!  Hopefully tomorrow he might even come on up to the porch!

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