Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gift Wrap, Gift Bags, Tote Bags, Note Cards

When you shop for gift wrap and gift bags, what do you look for?  What about tote bags?  If you are shopping for yourself or for a gift for a friend or loved one, what is it that attracts your attention most?  If you are buying note cards or even spiral notebooks, do you ever wonder who designed the covers?  The fabric for the tote bags has some type of design.  Did you ever think about where that design originated?  Probably not.  We shop for what captures our attention most.  But who designed the patterns on the products we purchase probably never crosses our minds.  

A few weeks ago, I did not think about these things either.  My mind was on fine art photography, and jigsaw puzzles using beautiful scenic photos.  The past couple of weeks all of these other items were brought to my attention and I realized that there was so much more I could do than I ever dreamed possible.  Building my portfolio has been so much fun as well as a work of love.  Seeing these beautiful designs appear from my photos that I already thought were pretty good to start with has been such a wonderment.  While I do take credit for putting together the various patterns that I've come up with to make these designs, I could not have done it at all without the help of my friend Sharon, who has helped me by teaching me different facets of the PSP program and showing me the "secret" of using plug-in filters.  I hope that she knows just how much I appreciate her help with all of this.  In fact, since I have "discovered" these areas of design work, I have been working together with Sharon, who is an excellent graphics designer and with a talent she has hidden from the world until now.  Together, with her guiding me in PSP and filters, and me guiding her in marketing her work, it's just possible that we both may come out on top in creative careers for each of us.  Wouldn't that be something?

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