Monday, September 10, 2012

After a Week Off...

Does anyone know how to tell the difference between the bad, poisonous toadstools from the good mushrooms that you can eat?  When it comes down to photography, it doesn't matter whether or not the subject of the photo is poisonous or good for a steak sauce.  All that matters is that it is there.  Now that the drought seems to have ended, the grass in the yard is growing like it is trying to make up for the rest of the summer when it was so fried.  The back yard continues to bring me little "gifts" that I can photograph and possibly turn into graphic designs.  Today was no different.  They might not be edible, but they sure turned into some pretty and interesting art.

For more photos of the toadstools, check out the "Everything Else" tab above.  To find out what these works of art by the Father in Heaven turned into as graphic designs, be sure to check the tab "Capirani Graphics 2" for some colorful results.

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