Monday, June 29, 2015

Flickr Photo Albums

Alright, today I thought I might share a few of my favorite Flickr albums that I have created from the digital fusion photography I have been doing.  I try to keep organized on Flickr the best I can so that if you prefer to look through albums instead of the entire photostream, you can do so.

This first album is my most recent.  I'm still working on it, but I have quite a lot done so far.  Remember to keep checking back to see what else I've done with it.  Believe it or not, last week I took some macro shots of some thick onion skins after I was finished cooking.  Once I did that, it was time to see what would happen once I started editing them into other pieces of art.  This folder is the result so far.  Obviously it is called Onion Skins.

This next album was created after Christmas 2014 when I had done a lot of light painting of my Christmas Tree lights.  Then I did something I had never done before with light painting.  I turned those shots into digital fusion photographs just to see what would happen if I went crazy with the light painting photos.  This folder is called Light Painting Gone Mad.  I hope you enjoy it.

By far one of my biggest album, with over 600 pieces, is called The Kaleidoscope Collection.  You can find it here.  Almost everything I have worked on usually has at least one kaleidoscope piece made from an original photo.  I also have on both of my photography blogs, some that I have done from scratch.  However, all of these, I believe, are from original photographs I have taken.

In all the albums in my photostream you will find mixtures of other albums.  For example, in my Macro album, you will also find kaleidoscopes and other abstracts because I have cross-referenced everything.  It might not have been the best idea and at some point I may undertake to change how I organized the artwork.

Well, there you are.  I hope you enjoy browsing through these albums.  If you wish to see more albums, just click on the photostream link in the above paragraph and go from there.  Throughout all you will see the originals, and then if I have made any digital fusion works, you will see those as well.  In many cases you can check the file name to see which original is the base for the artwork. 

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