Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Love My Camera!!

I am so glad I got this camera! I never realized just how many videos I could take with a regular digital camera. I also never knew I could take long videos with a digital camera. It is so nice not to have to have a bigger video camera to take nice videos.
Today I had 5 grandkids and step grandkids at my house all day. It was definitely video time at Grandma's. The kids are little hams and enjoyed talking it up to the camera. Even the 4 month old got some chattering in. Three of the 5 belong to my son and the other 2 are his girlfriend's. Their ages ranged from just under 7 to 4 months. It was wild at my house today. No not really so bad. I am not even as tired as I expected to be. The house is a little bit more worn out with all the mess they made with toys and other stuff. But for the most part, they did a great job cleaning up before they went home.
I only got myself a 1G memory card and have yet to fill it up.
The plans I had originally for today were changed quickly when my son called to see if I could watch the kids because his girlfriend had injured her hand at work and needed to be seen at the local ER. Those pictures I want to get put on here soon will have to wait awhile.

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