Saturday, March 15, 2008

Video Camera in The Palm of My Hand

I am so excited about my new digital camera. I have wanted a video camera ever since they first came out. That was years ago, it seems. When I got this digital camera I thought about how much easier it was going to be to take pictures of my grandkids, nature, and whatever else. What I didn't expect was the ease of taking quality videos with this little digital camera. The sound is there. The movement is there. It is great! The thing is, now I am taking more videos than I am stills. It is just so much easier and so much more fun getting those videos of the grandkids. Nothing gets missed unless I shut it off too soon. The only problem is that I haven't figured out how to share these videos via email, if that can even be done. I have tried to use the share program that comes with Kodak and it is great for sharing the stills, but if there is a way to share the videos I haven't figured that out yet. I think maybe it allows very short videos to be shared, but mine are not short.
When I got the camera I knew it had video capability, but I had no idea I could take videos that are as long as these are. Following my grandson as he crawled all around his living room floor today was great! I got the sounds he makes, the squeels, groans, laughter, and tears. That is something you just don't get with the stills. Now the question is whether I will ever take a regular photo again. I am sure I will, when I want something posed, or find something like a cool landscape or sunset or something that doesn't require video. Time will tell.

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