Monday, September 15, 2014

Creative Live Photo Week is NOW!

This week is Photo Week at Creative Live.

Creative Live is a website and company that offers free, live workshops for all kinds of creative projects, from photography, to music, to crafts, and more.  If it is creative, there will probably be something of interest for you on Creative Live.  This week is their annual Photo Week and they have all day broadcasts of live workshops pertaining to photography, as well as a couple other topics.  You can pick and choose which workshops you want to attend online.  

I found out about Creative Live last year during their Photo Week broadcasts and I have been following Creative Live's programming ever since.  This is very educational and a great asset for improving your work.  

The great thing about it is that for those who cannot take the time to watch live, they also have videos of each broadcast available for sale at reasonable prices.  So you can check which ones may be of interest to you, purchase them, and watch them at your convenience.  

The time schedule for the broadcasts begin at 9:00 A.M. Pacific Time, or Noon Eastern Time.

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