Friday, September 19, 2014


Well, I put it off for awhile, but it was finally time to jump in and start swimming.  I've opened a Facebook page for Capirani Photography.  It is listed as Cynthia A. Pirani Photography.  Of course most of you already know that Capirani is simply my initials with my last name.  I think it makes it easier to remember one word than a whole name.  Anyway, the page is up and running.  So if you will please go over there and visit, click the LIKE button and help me get my first 100 likes, I would really appreciate it. 

One of my friends said this gorgeous star above would look awesome on top of a Christmas tree.  She suggested using a 3D printer to make it work.  Having never even seen how those things work, I can only guess at it.  But maybe it would work.  

In the meantime, I've been searching out some new filters for my PSP program so I can make some more interesting artwork.  It's been very interesting to find out what I can do with the new ones.  Many of them were difficult to get loaded into the program because they had so many files inside files inside files.  But all I had to do was to keep following the path and then moving the individual files to the main folder.  That was a bit time consuming but worth it.  The quality of designs I come up with are so much better than what I was doing before.  At least I think so.  Maybe it is just because I was using the old ones for so long.  Take a look at what I did with some photos of cabbage from this past July.  

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